LAVANS 0th Single [光 (Hikari)] Now on Sale


[光 (Hikari)], the latest single from pop rock, visual kei band LAVANS, is now in stores!

Released on 2018-08-22, [光 (Hikari)] is the band’s first single with their new vocalist named shion. NANA, the bands previous vocalist, was fired because he could not be contacted. shion started out as a support vocalist for lives and officially joined the band in May. With this change, LAVANS have ‘restart’ activities by calling [光 (Hikari)] their “0th single.”

[光 (Hikari)]
[光 (Hikari)]
Regular Edition CD
LVS-003 | CDJapan | HMV | YesAsia

01. 光 (Hikari)
02. Hello,New world
03. 千歌繚乱 (Senka Ryouran)

[光 (Hikari)]


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